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Infinity Plans Marketing is a veteran SMS marketing service provider in Singapore. Craft the most engaging texts with us and enjoy obtaining the leads with a high conversion rate. 

Bulk SMS Marketing Solution

SMS Marketing Singapore

Try our SMS marketing Singapore to find success in selling your products. At Infinity Plans Marketing, we are poised with years of experience to render top-notch SMS marketing service. Not only sending bulk SMS to the potential buyers, but we also ensure that your business can enjoy a better return on investment through SMS marketing. We offer SMS Blasting Services with Bulk SMS Gateway.

Why should you choose our bulk SMS sender service?

Increase SMS Open Rates

We helps you create text messages with a high conversion rate. Develop attention-grabbing messages that the receivers actually read.

Custom Name in Sender ID

Include up to 11 characters in your custom SMS Sender ID.

Disable Replies with Sender ID

You can block replies of all receivers. Alternatively, you can also block the replies from a few specific numbers.

Schedule Campaigns

You can schedule the SMS campaign as per your requirements. Run the campaign when your business offers exclusive discounts or offers.

SMS Sender ID or Short-code Sender

A Tool That Increases Revenue and Brand Value of Your Business

Most of the eCommerce buyers use their smartphones to access the eCommerce stores. Thus, getting in touch with potential buyers through text messaging is a good idea. Compared to email marketing, our SMS marketing service ensures a higher conversion rate.

Both small and medium enterprises can try our SMS marketing service to build a profound brand value for their businesses. The primary goal of the bulk texting service is to fetch more customers. A text blast, is a single text message that is sent to a large group of people all at the same time. Nevertheless, our service also ensures that your business earns a better brand identity.

At Infinity Plans Marketing, you can obtain an SMS bulk sending facility from our experts. Send bulk SMS without violating the telecom rules and regulations in Singapore. We provide a white-level SMS marketing service that adheres to all the norms and guidelines of the telecom department and business marketing ethics.



Display your company name as the sender of a text message, turning a simple SMS into a powerful branding tool.

Bulk SMS Broadcast and Bulk SMS Sending to help you reach thousands with a mass text.

Send Texts Online

Easily import contacts from your database, email, etc. Using the online portal to send multiple messages with a single click.

Better Deliver

Short-code sender has a quality SMS delivery guaranteed. Over 12 years of SMSing experience and served over 5 crore audience. Delivered over 100 Billion messages till date.

Speed of SMS

We are known for our speed of SMS delivery. With our panel can deliver over 90% SMS within 10 Sec. Our partnerships with multiple operators helped us to build Intelligent, carrier grade SMS gateway with robust infrastructure.

SMS Gateway API

Integrate SMS gateway API to your business website or applications for seamless communication with buyers and staff via text messaging.

Sub-Accounts for Team Members

You can create sub-accounts that give team members access to all features. SMS credit is distributed through your main account.

Languages & Unicode SMS

Send and receive text messages in any language: SMS in English or Chinese.

Reporting & Analytics

Access performance metrics like delivery and costs through the panel and export data when needed.

Secure Text Messaging

All our sites and services are secured with SSL / HTTPS and your contacts, messages and accounts are fully backed up 24 / 7 / 365.


An Efficient Way of Managing Branding of Your Business

Our SMS blasting service is an efficient way of managing the branding and marketing campaigns of your business. Send uniquely crafted and personalized text messages to the users to make your brand name popular among the targeted group of buyers and prospects.

The best thing is that every text message will show your business name instead of an unknown number. Since your business name is displayed, people will find the texts worth reading. Nevertheless, sending useful promotional content to the receivers will never lead to blocking your number. People will love to get your sales updates through texts.

Easy & Quick Activation

Get your account activated in 1 day. Just choose the name and specify your use case.

Improved brand awareness

Recipients will instantly know whom the message is from because your sender ID will be displayed instead of the phone number.

Increased open & response rates

A message from a familiar sender ID has a greater chance of being opened than one from an unknown number.

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